January 9, 2017

Quality Policy

The policy of Bansal Group is to always meet the customer as well as statutory and regulatory authority requirements and expectations through the development and maintenance of Safety and Quality Management System. To prove that we also introduced the ISO standards in our group and achieved the certification also. Here is the list of quality certification we introduced and achieved within our organization.

Our quality policy entails the following objectives :

  • The continuous respecting of the agreements made with the ship suppliers and customers.
  • The sustained delivery of a product according to the agreements made.
  • The correct interaction with suppliers
  • Maximal recuperation of the products supplied
  • Maintaining optimally running machinery
  • Order and tidiness on the sites
  • Developing professional personnel management
  • Improving the quality management system

We follow all the government rules and regulations strictly while dismantling the ship.

Safety and Environment Protection Policy

It is policy of Bansal group to provide safe and environment friendly services at all times. The Objectives of the policy are to prevent death or injury to personnel, damage to ship and property and pollution of the environment in particular to the environment and to property.

To achieve this objective, Bansal Group’s Management is committed to provide the necessary training and resources for meeting it’s objectives, and continuously improving the safety record of the Company. We also take care of some special materials like oil, asbestos and others while dismantling of the ship.

The employees in turn are expected to exercise self-discipline, be safety conscious, and to take necessary steps to prevent injury to themselves and others.

We at Bansal Group acknowledge that personnel are our biggest assets and therefore place emphasis on their welfare and safety. We will implement this policy and maintain it in purpose and intent at all levels of the organization, be it offshore/onboard or ashore.